A torque wrench guide for DIY

Torque wrenches are by far one of the most practical tools available to the average DIY-er when it comes to needing a tool for applications where a specific amount of torque is crucial to put just the right amount of tension on that nut or bolt. The best torque wrench range in complexity and functionality from the simplest old school varieties to high-powered hydraulic industrial torque wrenches (that you’re just not going to use at home). As a do-it-yourselfer, it’s important to know when you need a torque wrench and which kinds of torque wrenches are best suited for DIY applications.

Common DIY reasons to use a torque wrench

Some things should frankly be left to the professionals no matter how on point your DIY skills are. That said, there are still a wide range of reasons all intermediate to advanced DIY-ers should considering buying their own torque wrench, because there are genuine cases where a torque wrench is the only right tool for the job.

  • Automotive DIY: If your DIY skills are more of the mechanical persuasion than you are definitely going to need a torque wrench. It’s a common misconception that you can or should tighten a car’s lug nuts with a lug wrench. This is a very, very bad idea. As automotive engineering becomes more advanced, the inner and outer workings of a car inevitably become more fine-tuned. By not having the right level of tension on your lug nuts—whether too much or too little—the result can not only be epic fails of all varieties, but epic fails that require you to go to a professional mechanic with your tail between your legs, which is the ultimate shame for every automotive DIY-er.
  • Plumbing DIY: Torque wrenches are very common tools used in plumbing, because quite often, there needs to be a precise level of tension on the bolt to ensure the job has been done not only adequately but well. Once again, with the wrong level of tension, failure can and will occur, ranging from your minor embarrassment to massive, call-the-insurance-company style problems.

Other things to know about torque wrenches for DIY

Here is the quick and dirty of what you need to know:

  • Torque is measured in foot-pounds (ft.-lbs.)
  • For car and motorcycle repair DIY, your manual will list the right torque for each component—NEVER go over or under this level, because you will likely cause yourself a world of problems/hurt/embarrassment.
  • Some components feature torque markings indicating the level of torque to be used; again, always comply and never assume you need more or less, because you don’t.
  • A torque wrench can’t be substituted for any other tool when accurate measurements of torque are required for safely and effectively completing an application. (Again, don’t use a lug wrench on car components.)
  • There are two standardizing bodies regarding torque wrenches that are independent from one another: The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), with the latter’s standardization system being arguably more comprehensive.
  • For safety, always store unused torque wrenches in the manner dictated by the manufacturer.

Always recalibrate your torque wrench at the designated time per the manufacturer’s instructions; if you don’t, your torque measurements may be wildly off, leading to damage of valuable components or even safety hazards.


Why are 3D printers expensive?

Are you considering buying the best 3D printer on the market? If so then you might be wondering why the prices seem to be so high. There are various factors that affect the price and in fact there’s a wide range of prices for 3D printers.

3D Printer Technology

In order to better understand the generally high price tags of 3D printers it’s important to know how the devices work. These printers use “additive” processes. This involves creating an object by putting down a material layer by layer until the object is fully created. Each of the layers could be described as a thin horizontal cross-section of the physical object that you’re creating.

The process of creating a 3D-printed object is also quite complex, which also helps to explain the price of 3D printers. The first step is to develop a virtual design of the particular object that you want to build. The design is contained in a digital file and is built by using a modeling application and scanner.

Factors that Affect 3D printer Prices

As when buying other printers it’s important to keep in mind that there are several factors that affect the price tag of a 3D printer. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Brand

If you purchase a high-end brand you should expect to pay an average of $1,000 to $2,000 depending on whether the 3D printer is for individual or commercial use. There are many brands on the market so it’s critical to do some research so you’ll know some of the main players in the industry. If you purchase a high-end or off-brand you should expect to pay prices on the extreme ends of the spectrum.

  1. Specifications

This involves various issues like the 3D printing technique and others. It involves technical issues so it’s important to become familiar with some of the main techniques used for 3D printing. This will help you to sort through the different units on the market to pick a unit with the specs you’re looking for in terms of flexibility, speed, etc.

  1. Features

This is another of the key issues to consider when selecting the best 3D printer. There are various factors including the filament types supported, quality of performance, full-size/compact design, and customer service. If you want all the possible bells and whistles available then you should expect to pay a higher price tag. Meanwhile, if you want a base unit then the price will be significantly lower.

  1. Packing List

Another issue that affects the price of the 3D printer is the items that are included in the packing list. This can range from the basics to everything but the kitchen sink. Make sure to review packing lists.

The Bottom Line on 3D Printers

The actual price range of the best 3D printers can differ significantly. If you want a low-end unit that just provides the basics you should expect to pay about $100 or so. High-end personal printers cost about $1,000 while high-end commercial units have a price tag of about $2,000. Keep in mind that there are several factors that affect these prices so there’s a lot of leeway.


Best Espresso Machine Review – Mr. Coffee Pump

The other morning I went downstairs to start up my espresso machine to make me an espresso. Talk about a horrible morning? My machine went ballistic on me! I was devastated because I didn’t even see it coming. Let’s just say I didn’t buy the best espresso machine at that time.

I had my espresso machine for only a few months so I wasn’t prepared to be buying a new one anytime soon. Unfortunately I didn’t have any other choice so I purchased the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine for $70 at Wal- Mart. I wasn’t happy about the price but I knew that I needed one and I wasn’t going to buy another cheap one; so I just went with the best espresso machine on the current market: Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine.

What I liked about the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine

First I have always wanted to have an espresso coffee maker that had at least two different spouts. My old one only had one so it was a huge change for me. Another thing that I liked about the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine is that it makes really great, quality coffee.

Not only does it make Espresso Coffee but it allows me to make Lattes as well as Mocha which is pretty cool because it gives me choices.

There are 15 bars of pressure for high performance and since it has a Thermal Block Heating System which heats up my water really quickly. It takes no longer than a few minutes to get a hot Espresso.

The controls are easy to use and aren’t confusing at all. They are simple and the button controls with indicator lights for each function.

I appreciate the fact that the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine is easy to clean and is made of stainless steal. And we all know that stainless steal is easy to maintain.
The knob that comes on the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine is easy to operate which is a new experience for me because my old Espresso machine was just the opposite.

Best Espresso Machine : The Final Verdict

There was nothing negative I could say about the Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Machine. I mean I wish that it was a bit cheaper but considering the quality that it brings to my espressos’ I’m not all that upset about spending $70 on it. I’ve actually enjoyed my experience and I plan on keeping it around for a while. It definitely has made my mornings a lot less stressful and that’s all I need.


How to Shop for A Cheap Gaming Desk?

I love the word gaming. I love the word gaming desk too. I guess we all as youngsters especially teenagers love games on PCs and mobiles. You should see the way these gaming freaks wait impatiently for a game to be released. They are ready to pour down money for the booking of the game too. Did you know that there are gaming freaks who played games up to the extent that they never realized they didn’t have food for a day or so? Man, you should know the way people played the latest mobile game- Pokemon Go. The game went viral among the crazy gamers. The best part was that there was a swarm of freaks that were in their in the late 30s and 40s too who went absolutely crazy about the game. There are of course a lot of games that are tempting and addictive like this.

Now the thing is that you are a gamer- an addictive gamer and are professional too. You would definitely require a huge space to create an excellent gaming console given the quickness and the reduced time delay in the game that would cost you a hell much. The speed of the internet and the hardware of the system and not to forget the huge space and the number of monitors that you would require to play the game effectively is also an important factor that cannot be ignored.

How to Shop for A Cheap Gaming Desk

Let us talk about the space you would need for your gaming console. That again depends on the space you’ve got for it. Don’t worry because we have identified cheap gaming desk for all room sizes so that you wouldn’t have issues with your limited space. Here are some names of models you might want to look upon according to your requirements:

  • Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro
  • Walker Edison Soreno 3
  • Tribesigns Modern Simple Style Computer Desk
  • HomCom 64″ Modern L-Shaped

Happy shopping!